Calculating Child Support

California has mandated “guideline” child support. Child support can be a complicated matter. It is important to speak with an attorney who has knowledge of the guideline child support system. All courts in California must use the guideline child support computer program, named either XSpouse or Dissomaster. Under very few limited circumstances, can the court deviate from the guideline child support calculations. There are many variable that go into the calculation.

Contact us to discuss your options and the many variables that go into the computer calculation. The two biggest variables that are used are timeshare and income. The timeshare is the percentage of time when you actually have custody. People’s income can vary – straight salary as opposed to a base pay with bonuses or commissions, to self employment. There are other variables that can affect the amount of child support, including health insurance premiums, other supported children in the home, mandatory retirement and union dues. Again, it is important to speak with an attorney very familiar with the child support calculator to ensure an appropriate order.