Paternity Attorneys

DCSS employees and attorneys are there for a service. They operate in a volume. However, your case deserves personal attention as it is the rest of you life we are talking about it. The area where we think we can be of the most assistance is paternity. Even if the door has been slammed shut on you, have us look at your case. We don’t charge you for the initial review of your case. Here are some GENERAL guidelines to gauge whether you may have a good chance of getting us to take your case:

1) If the child is under two, we likely help you;

2) If the judgment is less than two years old, we can likely help;

3) If you signed a paternity declaration but the child is under two we can help;

4) If you sign a paternity declaration and the child is over two but this is the first time you are going to court for custody, visitation, or support we may be able to help you.

In short, there are many situations that arise and with up to 20 cases per day assigned to each of the DCSS attorneys, it is hard for them to delve into the minutiae of each case. And sometimes they just get the law wrong! An investment on your life now, can pay huge dividends the rest of your life.

Please call us soon as time is of the essence. Rights you may have today, could literally be gone tomorrow. The Law Offices of H. William Edgar have offices located in Riverside, Temecula and Anaheim. Free initial consultation.