What You Need to Know About Same-Sex Divorce

Although same-sex divorces are similar to heterosexual divorces, there are things a same-sex couple should know before going through their divorce process. Under the law, same-sex couples have equal divorce rights as any couple. California recognizes no-fault divorces—this is when spouses determine that they have irreconciled differences and they can legally get a divorce without having to prove reasons for a divorce. During the divorce process, couples might have to make serious considerations regarding child custody, spousal support, property division, debt responsibility considerations, and payment of legal fees.

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Domestic Partnerships

Same-sex divorces may differ from other couples because they require parties to dissolve domestic partnerships. Domestic partnerships are viewed similarly as marriages in California. You may need to dissolve both of these arrangements for California to consider you single and eligible to enter into a future marriage.

Divorce Requirements

To get divorced in California, you and your spouse have to live in the state for 6 months before the time of the request. If you do not meet this requirement, there may be other legal remedies, or you can obtain a legal separation and formalize the divorce after the required 6 months. We recommend you speak with one of our attorneys to know the different legal options available to you.

Summary Dissolution

There are options available to same-sex couples who want a quick divorce. If a couple has been married or in a partnership for less than 5 years, they may submit a request for a dissolution. Dissolution may be a viable alternative for couples who don’t have any children, who don’t own or rent land, or who don’t have certain debt obligations. Those who do not meet the criteria for dissolution will have to file a traditional divorce.

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