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Child Protective Services (CPS)

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In a case involving allegations of neglect or child abuse, child protective services (CPS) will quickly take action. CPS cases are notoriously difficult to navigate and can leave families broken if not handled correctly. At the Law Offices of H. William Edgar, our family law attorneys openly communicate with you during every step of case proceedings. When you hire us, you benefit from our years of insight and legal understanding. We help you make informed decisions to help resolve your case quickly and efficiently.

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An Overview of a CPS Case

Dealing with the CPS is intimidating. It is important not to do it on your own. The faster you enlist the help of a capable Southern California CPS attorney from the Law Offices of H. William Edgar, the faster we can begin to represent your case and work to protect your rights as a parent.

A typical CPS case will include the following:

  • Investigation
  • Potential for Informal Supervision
  • Removal
  • Court Hearings

Usually, a CPS case starts when a report of child abuse or neglect is made. As soon as you are contacted by the CPS, contact our firm for legal guidance and help with what to do next.

CPS Case Investigation

Typically, an investigator is enlisted to determine whether or not the report is credible.

They may question people you regularly interact with, such as:

  • Your Child / Children
  • The Parents
  • Any Teachers or Daycare Workers
  • The Doctor
  • Relatives
  • Friends
  • Neighbors

If CPS has found no reason to believe the report, they will inform the parents and close the case. If there is a suspicion that abuse has occurred, CPS will proceed with the case.

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Our CPS attorneys can walk you through what to expect and help you regain or maintain custody of your children. We understand the fear and frustration you may be dealing with at this time. Let us use our decades of collective experience to handle whatever circumstances you find yourself in.

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