Common Reasons for a Pre-Trial Motion in a Divorce

Common Reasons for a Pre-Trial Motion in a Divorce

November 27, 2019

There are many different steps to take while filing for divorce. Some of which may not be clear on how it will help your overall divorce goal. One of the many things that customers ask our firm about is the purpose of filing motions. Motions are filed based on the need to obtain a court order or to enforce a court order. A divorce motion states the purpose of the divorce and the facts it’s based on. Depending on the circumstances of the divorce, it might also have a legal argument to support the need for new orders from the court. Your attorney can concisely outline the issue in the motion to prevent mistakes.

What Are the Benefits of a Pre-Trial Motion?

A pre-trial motion is essential to have in the early stages of your divorce process. It is vital to file a pre-trial motion because it establishes temporary financial support, such as child support or spousal support during the period before the divorce court trial. Another issue that is commonly addressed is your family’s housing situation. An attorney can file a motion to request you to have exclusive rights to occupy the marital home before a divorce trial.

Child custody can also be determined by requesting the court for a temporary child custody order. An attorney can also request a visitation schedule during the divorce process. During the pre-trial motion, a judge can temporarily order an action that determines how you should divide marital property.

Overall, a pre-trial motion serves as a blueprint of your divorce process, while protecting you and preventing future mistakes during your divorce.

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