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  • The Divorce Process in California

    Step 1: Meeting the Residency Requirement The party filing for divorce must be a resident of the county in which they file for at least three months ...
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  • Show Your Ex You No Longer Care After the Divorce

    The aftermath of divorce can be difficult to deal with, but you'll eventually learn to heal and realize you're better off now than you ever were ...
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  • How to Clean Up Your Life After Going Through Divorce

    Divorce brings a lot of change with it, so it’s no surprise that your house might look a little different once you get through this stage of life. ...
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  • How to Handle the Pitfalls in Child Visitation After Divorce

    Even when divorce is the best option for you and your ex, it's not always easy to navigate child visitation. After all, when you're not getting along ...
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  • Ask the Attorney

    Ask the attorneys of Edgar Family Law a question or request to discuss a certain topic and we will post a video blog as a response. Email ...
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  • Is Divorce Contagious?

    If it seems like divorce is contagious, that's because it just might be. According to a recent study, you may be 75 percent more likely to get ...
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