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Family relationships are important, but they are not always easy. Situations like divorce, a death in the family, child custody or support agreements, and separations can introduce tension and conflict into a family dynamic. In some circumstances, you may need to seek legal assistance to resolve these conflicts. A seasoned family law attorney can navigate the legal system as you finalize any San Bernardino, CA family law cases. With nearly two decades of experience, the team at the Edgar & Dow is ready to assist you.


Family law is a legal practice area that addresses the legal dynamics of a family. Regardless of the details of each case, family law cases are often lengthy and require a great deal of attention. An experienced family law attorney can work with you to make the process easier. There are many different situations that could fall under the umbrella of family law.

Some of the most common family law cases include:

  • Divorce: This is one of the most well-known types of family law cases. The complexity of each divorce case can be impacted by the relationship between the former couple. If they can be amicable and make decisions together, then the divorce proceedings are more likely to run smoothly and efficiently. If, however, the former spouses are unable to reach any compromises or agreements, then the divorce process will be much more involved. This could include required mediation and all final decisions being made by a judge.
  • Spousal Support: In some divorce cases, one spouse is required to pay a specific amount each month to support the other. There are two types of spousal support that may be required in California. Temporary support is often requested when divorce proceedings begin and will end once the divorce is finalized. Long-term support, sometimes called rehabilitative support, is mandated for a period after the divorce is finalized. It is intended to help the lower-earning spouse adjust to life after divorce.
  • Child Custody and Support: When a couple who shares children chooses to end their marriage, it is vital to decide how their children will be cared for. This includes determining which parent the children will spend most of their time with, what the visitation schedule will look like, and how much child support is necessary. This can be a lengthy, emotional process. It is important to always keep the well-being of the children at the center of the discussion. The goal of child custody and support agreements is to ensure that the needs of the children are always met and that they can maintain the standard of living they are used to.
  • Property Division: Couples who shared property, whether they were married or in a domestic partnership, have the significant task of dividing their property when their relationship ends. If there was an agreement made at the beginning of the relationship, such as a prenuptial agreement, then this division will be a simple process. If there is no previous agreement in place, then a judge or mediator may need to be involved in the division of any shared assets. There are many things that can be considered assets in a relationship, such as any debts incurred during the relationship, homes, businesses, stocks, and more. The primary aim of asset division is to ensure that any shared property is divided equitably between partners.
  • Domestic Violence: These family law cases can be challenging because of their highly emotional nature. Individuals who are in abusive relationships face many challenges and obstacles when they make the decision to leave their partner. In many cases, they have been isolated from friends and family, so they may feel like they have little support as they begin to create a life for themselves. One way that victims of domestic violence can protect themselves is by having a domestic violence restraining order put in place. There are temporary, permanent, and emergency restraining orders available in California, depending on the specific needs of each individual.
  • Parental Relocation: Moving always presents unique challenges. The process can be much more difficult for a divorced parent who needs to relocate. The move may be required because of a new position at work, family needs, seeking new medical treatment, or an easier financial situation. Renegotiating a child custody and support arrangement because one parent needs to relocate can be difficult. A judge must approve the new plan and consider whether the move is beneficial for the children. They will examine factors including whether the children want to relocate, what kind of community the children will have, how far away the move is, and more.

Family law covers a wide variety of situations and legal circumstances. In addition to those above, cases involving visitation, juvenile law, guardianship, grandparents’ rights, and more could all be considered family law cases. If you are navigating a case in family court, you are not required to work with a family law attorney, but it is often in your interest.


You are not required to have legal help during a family law case in California. In fact, many of the systems are designed to be completed without assistance. If you are unfamiliar with the legal system, however, it can be difficult to navigate any kind of court case. There is a great deal of documentation that must be maintained, court appearances, and various filings that must be completed within a certain period. It can easily become overwhelming.

Family law cases can be particularly challenging because they are often more emotional in nature. Working with an accomplished San Bernardino family law attorney can give you peace of mind and help make the process run more smoothly. When you work with an experienced family law attorney, you can benefit from:

  • Their Experience: An experienced family law attorney can assist you regardless of the specific details of your case. They have ideally worked with clients in every facet of family law, from divorce to guardianship, and know the right ways to approach different cases. The experience they have allows them to assess your specific needs, offer several options for how you could proceed, and anticipate potential risks or complications in your case.
  • Their Resources: An accomplished family law attorney understands how the various legal processes in family court cases work. They have the resources to ensure their clients can finalize their cases properly. They can guide you through the entire process, prepare you for each step, and ensure that all your paperwork and documentation are properly in order. It can be quite beneficial to have the resources and support of an experienced family law attorney in San Bernardino. This can make completing any family law case much easier.

There are many benefits associated with trusting a family law attorney to guide you through your case. They can be a key source of information, resources, support, and insight as you decide the right path forward. While the assistance of a family law attorney can be invaluable, it is also important to be aware of the cost of their services.


When you are navigating a California family law case, it is important that you have as much guidance and support as possible. A knowledgeable San Bernardino family law attorney can walk you through your case and ensure that everything is handled properly. One thing that may give you pause when considering working with a family law attorney is the overall cost.

Several factors can impact what you will pay for a family lawyer’s services in California. Their experience, their main practice area, their case success rate, and the location where they practice can all raise the price of their services. One of the most significant factors in the overall cost of a family law attorney is the fee they charge. In California, there are several different types of fees that a family law attorney may charge when working with clients.

  • Flat Fee: Some attorneys charge a flat rate for their services. This is often for specific services or cases, such as a divorce filing.
  • Hourly Rate: Others charge their clients by the hour. They have a set price for each hour that they spend working on your case. As they are working, they will track their time and send you a bill for their services. This may be billed monthly or as a lump sum.
  • Contingency Fees: In some circumstances, an attorney will charge a contingency fee. This means that they only get paid if your case is won. There is often a set percentage of your overall settlement or reward that will be paid to your attorney.

These fees, as well as other legal and court fees, will impact the cost of an accomplished San Bernardino family law attorney. Regardless of the specifics of your case, securing the services of a family lawyer will have a significant cost. You can anticipate spending several thousand dollars working with a family law attorney, but it is a worthwhile investment.

San Bernardino Family Law FAQS

Q: How Much Does a Family Law Attorney Cost in California?

A: There is no way to provide a specific amount that a California family law attorney will charge. The overall cost will be determined by several different factors. The location, experience level, and focused practice areas of a family law attorney may raise their fees. There are also several different types of fees that a family law attorney may charge, which will also impact the final cost. You can anticipate spending several thousand dollars on a family law attorney. It is important to discuss costs with any potential attorneys prior to securing their services.

Q: Do You Need a Lawyer for Family Court in California?

A: The state of California does not require you to work with an attorney for any family law cases. There are many self-help guides and forms available to you, so you could potentially file and finalize any family law case without the help of a family law attorney. This is often not in your interest, however. A seasoned San Bernardino family law attorney has a strong understanding of how the California legal system works. They can properly guide you through the entire process. They can also avoid the mistakes that come with self-representation. Their guidance and support can offer you peace of mind throughout your case.

Q: How Do I Find a Good Family Lawyer in California?

A: There are many things to consider when choosing a family lawyer to represent you in California. Not every attorney has the same experience, knowledge, or main practice area. It is important to look for a family law attorney who is knowledgeable in your area of need. You should also consider:

  • How long they have been practicing
  • What their professional credentials are
  • The fees that they charge
  • If they have the time and resources to dedicate to your case

Q: Why Do I Need a Family Lawyer in California?

A: Working with a family law attorney is not required in California, but it is often in your interest. It can be difficult to understand how the legal processes associated with a family law case work if you have no experience with the legal system. An accomplished San Bernardino family law attorney has spent years understanding the laws that pertain to their practice. They can help ensure that your case is handled properly. The assistance of a family lawyer can give you peace of mind and help avoid delays and complications in your case.


Whether you are going through a divorce, determining guardianship for your children, leaving an abusive relationship, or establishing a prenuptial agreement, you will have to navigate the California family courts. This can be a confusing, time-consuming, and somewhat overwhelming process. It is essential that you have the support, resources, and guidance of an experienced family law attorney in San Bernardino. Contact the team at the Edgar & Dow today for all your family law needs.

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