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For many people, family is the most important aspect of life. Whether you have children and a spouse or live with a partner, your home and family life are something to cultivate and nurture. When something threatens that, it is natural to take action to protect it.

Family law is a complicated area of the legal system. Not only are there many different cases that can occur in this sector, but many of them also become emotional because of the nature of family connections. Navigating a family law case requires expert attention, empathy, and care.

If you are facing a divorce, a child custody battle, or another family law matter, it is important to have the right legal team by your side. Our Corona family lawyers are here to help.


For nearly two decades, our team has been fighting for families in the Corona area. We understand the complexity of family law cases, both legally and emotionally, which is why we give each of our clients great care and attention. When you work with our team, you can be sure that you are receiving top-notch legal care for your family law claim.

During our many years in business, we have seen clients with cases of all kinds. No matter what you are going through, we have likely represented a client with a similar issue. This kind of direct experience is unparalleled in the area. It offers our clients a distinct advantage throughout their family law case.

When you work with us, you give yourself and your family the best chance of favorable outcomes. Do not settle for anything less than the best.


Family law is a large area of the legal system. At its core, family law handles any legal claims that directly affect the family. Examples include:

  • Divorce
  • Asset division
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Paternity
  • Domestic Violence
  • Guardianship

This is not an exhaustive list of family law claims that our firm handles. As one of the foremost legal firms in the area, our expert attorneys are here to help with any family law claim that you may have.


If you are facing a family law claim, it is important that you understand the basics of your case. This will help you begin the process with a fundamental understanding of your objectives, potential challenges, and desired outcome. These are all concepts that you will discuss further with your attorney.


Divorce is by far the most common type of family law claim. Our Corona divorce lawyers are highly trained and experienced, giving you a distinct advantage during negotiations.

During a divorce, a couple is not only ending their life together. They are also taking what is rightfully theirs from their marriage. As a community property state, California assumes that all assets that you or your spouse acquire during your marriage are shared property. Therefore, when you divorce, you are entitled to approximately half of all marital assets.

Asset division is one of the main objectives in a divorce. Although the value of the assets you each receive should be equal, this does not always mean selling the assets and splitting the profits. Many times, couples opt to value the assets and each retain assets that amount to an equal value. However, if you both want the same asset, such as a home or car, the negotiations can be difficult.

Child Custody

Child custody is a difficult area of family law because most parents care deeply for their children. The state also requires that any custody agreement be in the child’s best interest. There are many different factors that contribute to the final agreement.

Child custody agreements may involve:

  • Shared Custody: Both parents share guardianship responsibilities equally.
  • Partial Custody: One parent is the primary guardian. However, the other parent has guardianship for a minority of the time.
  • Visitation: One parent is the primary guardian. The other parent has the legal right to see their child for a certain number of hours per month.
  • Sole Custody: One parent is the only guardian. The other parent does not have any legal grounds to see or care for their children.

The court will always do what is best for the child. It is important that you have an attorney who can show the court your fitness as a parent. Your attorney can advocate for the best custody arrangement for your situation.

Child Support

The law requires that both parents contribute an equal percentage of their income to their child’s upbringing. If both parents have similar incomes and share custody, the arrangement is fairly equal. However, if one parent has the majority of the custody, or if one parent makes far more money than the other, child support payments may be necessary.

Child support payments should always go through the state. This way, the court can enforce the agreement and take action if one person does not adhere to the terms. If you try to negotiate child support on your own, there is no way to enforce the agreement if something goes wrong.

Spousal Support

Spousal support, or alimony, is appropriate when one spouse made all or most of the money in a marriage while the other spouse stayed home or made a small income. Monthly spousal support payments can help the low-earning spouse build their new life while still relying on the income from their ex-spouse.

Spousal support is not necessary in all situations, and it often has a deadline. If you believe that spousal support may be a factor in your divorce, it is important to find a divorce attorney who has experience in this area. Our attorneys at the Edgar & Dow have significant experience in both divorce law and spousal support.


If a family law decision is not to your liking, you may be able to file an appeal with a higher court. This is only an option if you believe that there was a fundamental error in the court proceedings or a misappropriation of justice. The appeals process can help you achieve an outcome that is fair and just in your case.

If circumstances change in your family, an appeal is not appropriate. Rather, you can seek a modification through the court. During this process, the court reviews any changes to your situation and adjusts any applicable agreements as appropriate. For example, if your child custody agreement no longer makes sense for your older child’s extracurricular calendar, you may seek an official modification to achieve a schedule that is better suited to their needs.

FAQs About Corona, CA Family Law

What Legal Issues Does Family Law Encompass?

Family law encompasses any legal situation that involves the family unit. This includes:

  • Divorce
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Spousal support or alimony
  • Domestic violence
  • Paternity
  • Guardianship
  • Grandparents’ rights

These cases are often emotional because family is important to many people. It is important to find an attorney who understands your needs and who can properly fight for you and your family.

What Are the Laws in California for Child Custody?

All child custody laws aim to support the health and wellbeing of the children of California. This means that the court will assess each parent’s fitness as a guardian, as well as their schedule and ability to meet their child’s needs. The court may look at certain factors to determine a custody arrangement, including:

  • Housing
  • Income
  • Drug and alcohol use
  • Company or social circle
  • Relationship to the child

What Is One of the Most Disruptive Issues in a Divorce?

Child custody is likely the most disruptive issue in most divorces. In most cases, parents do not want to lose access to their children. They may also feel bitter or resentful toward their child’s other parent and aim to keep them from getting custody. Some people want more custody so that they are entitled to child support payments. These cases can easily become complicated and often slow down the divorce process.

What Is the Quickest Type of Divorce?

When the couple has few assets, no children, and the divorce is uncontested, divorces move the fastest. However, this situation is rare. Most divorces involve some form of negotiation. Many couples opt for mediation for their divorces because it can be fast. However, this process requires the divorcing couple to work together on solutions for key negotiations, which is not possible for some people.


For many years, our team has been helping Corona, California, families navigate family law issues. We are here to make your family law case progress as quickly and efficiently as possible. No matter what your circumstances may be, we have the resources, expertise, and background to achieve the best possible outcome.

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