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In California, a legal separation gives a couple the legal grounds to live separately while remaining in a marriage relationship. While the marriage remains intact, the process of obtaining a legal separation is similar to obtaining a divorce. It’s important to secure the representation of a skilled divorce lawyer.

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Why Separation Instead of Divorce?

There are several reasons why people choose separation instead of divorce:

  • Religious reasons
  • Financial reasons
  • Healthcare benefits
  • Insurance reasons
  • Unsure about future of relationship

What You Should Know About Legal Separation in California

Some people have a misconception that legal separation is temporary and divorce is permanent. This is not true. Filing for divorce qualifies you as “legally separated,” but a “legal separation” is a formal agreement that does not end the marriage but does provide the remedies associated with a divorce. You can arrange for property matters to be decided in a legal separation, as well as custody and visitation. However, parties in a legal separation are not free to remarry or to begin new domestic partnerships.

Legally, the marital status of parties in a legal separation does not change. While a divorce takes time, legal separations take effect right away once the court has ordered them.

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How Do I File for a Legal Separation in California?

You must file a petition with the court in order to obtain a legal separation. Before your legal separation is granted, you must either decide on terms such as custody, visitation, property divisionalimony, and child support, or allow the court to decide for you. Just as it is important to retain an experienced attorney for a divorce, it is critical that you have a lawyer on your side to represent you in a legal separation.

Our attorneys are knowledgeable, skilled, and tough. We offer advocacy for our clients in Southern California, including Riverside, Anaheim, and Temecula. We provide the representation you need to obtain fair results. Our results-driven counsel is designed to give you the results you need and deserve. For representation that is low risk and low stress, choose the Edgar & Dow.

For representation that is low risk and low stress, choose the Edgar & Dow.

Call us at (888) 251-9618 today for your free case evaluation!

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