Picking the Right Family Law Attorney

How to Choose a Divorce Lawyer in Southern California

Like with many things, finding a good lawyer is about balance. People going through divorces are often emotionally vulnerable, so they may be drawn to an attorney who promises the world when in reality, they should be managing their client's expectations. The key is to find a lawyer who is a true advocate, someone who understands what you need and wants to put you in the best possible position.

However, this type of lawyer is not typically a "yes man." This type of lawyer is usually blatantly honest—especially when clients do not understand their own position in the middle of a divorce case. In situations like that, honesty is the only way to ensure that clients are able to make informed and beneficial decisions.

Honesty is not always enjoyable to receive; family and divorce lawyers who are realists are not going to tell clients what they want to hear. Instead, they will tell their clients what they need to hear in order to resolve their case successfully.

At the core of your decision-making process, you'll have to decide whether you want a lawyer who makes you feel good or one that helps you fight for the best possible outcome for your situation. In this sense, picking a good attorney is like picking a doctor. No one wants a doctor who ignores their risk factors while praising their health. People want doctors who are attentive, who understand the importance of details, who provide patients with an honest understanding of their health. It's the same for a good attorney.

Find a Family Law Firm That Tells You the Truth

Honesty does not lend itself well to salesmanship, so at the Law Offices of H. William Edgar, we do not try to sell clients on unattainable results. Instead, we provide them with an honest look at their legal situations, and explain what we can do to help them resolve their issues and move forward with their lives. Our commitment is simple-to resolve your case as quickly, effectively, and beneficially as possible.

Call our Southern California divorce lawyers at (888) 251-9618 to schedule a free, no-obligation case consultation. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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