Professions With the Highest Divorce Rate in California (2024)

Professions With the Highest Divorce Rate in California (2024)

March 17, 2024

Getting divorced is never easy. It is never something you expect when you decide to get married. It can feel like a failure or a series of wasted years. However, that’s not always the case. Sometimes, two people just aren’t meant for each other, but it takes time to realize it. Other times, it could be a career choice. An experienced divorce lawyer could walk you through why each of these makes sense. It can also be useful to look at the professions with the highest divorce rate in California.

Professions With the Highest Divorce Rate in California

Not every career complements a successful marriage, and many couples realize this too late into the relationship. It is important that everyone tries to find a job that they like or that they are good at but sometimes, that job comes at the cost of their marriage. Here are a number of careers, both lucrative and otherwise, that have higher divorce rates than usual attached to them.

  • Exotic Dancer/Adult Entertainer: Certain jobs, particularly those involving sex work or something similar to sex work, only gel with marriage if both parties are okay with one of the partners working in that industry. This applies to most careers but particularly those in the adult entertainment industry. Boundaries must be established and respected; otherwise, divorce is likely imminent.
  • Bartender: Bartending can be a rewarding, often exciting profession. However, bartending carries with it long hours with sometimes short notice, working on nights and weekends, and frequent interactions with drunk and/or flirtatious customers. Bartenders also tend to sometimes drink on the job to encourage customer interaction or tips. This can all cause a strain on a marriage, especially if there are already issues with trust or alcohol present in the relationship.
  • Healthcare Worker: Healthcare workers and others in the medical field deal with very stressful situations every day. They are often on call with little notice, which can get in the way of family plans. On top of the stress level, the long hours can often mean that they simply do not have the energy to spend quality time with their partner. The illness, injuries, and death that they come into contact with on a daily basis can take a mental toll, which can affect the marriage.
  • Casino Worker: Working in a casino is a high-paced, multi-faceted job that lends itself to all kinds of stress. Casino managers are more likely to get divorced, as managing such a large area with such high stakes can strain one’s mental and emotional health. Casino workers, particularly managers, have to make important decisions that impact millions of dollars in an environment full of alcohol and customers making hugely significant life decisions. All of that can and does create emotional distance.
  • Flight Attendant: Every relationship with a flight attendant, including marriages, becomes a long-distance relationship, which can be difficult to maintain. While being a flight attendant can be rewarding and allows you the opportunity to travel, it can be a very stressful, thankless, and fast-paced environment that saps the emotional energy from you and your marriage. The more time you spend away from your spouse, the easier it is for the marriage bond to dissolve.


Q: What Career Field Has the Highest Divorce Rate?

A: At 52.9%, the career field with the highest divorce rate is gaming manager. Running the day-to-day business of a casino opens oneself up to a lot of constant negativity, stress, irrationality, alcohol, and gambling. While this does not mean that every gaming manager will be divorced or have trouble keeping their marriage together, it does mean that being a gaming manager carries with it a larger amount of stress than other positions, and that can affect a marriage.

Q: Is It True That Half of All Marriages End in Divorce?

A: No, it is not true that half of all marriages end in divorce. However, it is statistically true that half of all first marriages end in divorce. Many first marriages are entered into lightly or because of personal circumstances. Those tend to be the ones that end. Statistically, 67% of second marriages end, and 73% of third marriages end. However, those are just numbers. If you truly love your partner and they truly love you, then your marriage will likely be fine.

Q: What Are the Divorce Stats in California?

A: As of the most recent census data gathered by the United States Census Bureau, the divorce rate in California, as of 2020, was around 8.9%. Also, the number of men who were divorced in California was approximately 7.4%, and the number of women who were divorced in California was approximately 10.7%. Despite these numbers, the divorce rate in California appears to be dropping steadily, with the state now on the lower end of the spectrum for divorce stats in the United States.

Q: Which Profession Has the Lowest Divorce Rate?

A: At 17%, the profession with the lowest divorce rate is an actuary. An actuary is an insurance worker who analyzes the financial costs of uncertainty and assesses risk. With this skill set, it makes sense that they would have the lowest divorce rate. They make a living by weighing the pros and cons of every major decision. That does not guarantee that every actuary is in a great marriage. Every relationship is different, and they all take work to maintain.

Reach Out to an Experienced Divorce Lawyer Today

Getting divorced is not fun, nor is it easy. It can be a humiliating experience that makes you doubt your worth as a partner, but it shouldn’t. Divorce occurs all the time, and it happens to people of all careers. There are some jobs that do not help keep a marriage together, but that does not mean that every bartender or flight attendant is going to get divorced. Keeping a marriage together takes work from both sides but if things fall apart, it is important to protect yourself.

If you need to discuss your situation with an experienced divorce lawyer, reach out to Edgar & Dow today. We can help you figure out what to do next and how to handle your specific case. Contact us to schedule a consultation as soon as you can.


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