Same-Sex Marriage Custody Issues

A same-sex marriage divorce is a challenging process—especially when children are involved. Since same-sex marriage and custodial laws are new and are constantly changing. It can be a difficult process to determine the outcome. There are a variety of factors that the court will consider to determine the custodial situation, including:

Both Partners Are Legal Parents

If both partners are legal parents, this means that both will have equal rights. In this situation, child related disputes will be handled just as a straight divorce—where the judge will consider a variety of factors to determine the outcome that is in the best interest of the child.

Both partners may be legal parents of the child if:

  • The child was born into a marriage
  • Registered domestic partnership/civil union
  • The nonbiological/nonadoptive parent adopted the child through a second-parent adoption
  • The two partners jointly adopted the child

Only One Partner Is the Legal Parent

Unfortunately, California is not on the list of states that allow non-biological and non-adoptive parents to participate in the caretaking of the child or to maintain a parent-like relationship with the child. Another option is for non-biological or non-adoptive parents to establish a parenting agreement. The agreement will not make them a parent, but a number of courts allow parent agreements to permit another person to have custody or visitation with a child. A parenting agreement must state that both individuals consider themselves to be the parents of their child and that they accept all legal rights and responsibilities that come with being a parent. It should also explain that the legal parent waives their right to custody and control of the child and intends to co-parent equally with the other parent.

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