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Whether our clients are dealing with divorce, custody disputes, or even stepparent adoption, the process can be as stressful as it is confusing. That’s why the  Edgar & Dow is committed to providing clients with effective family law solutions that resolve their issues as quickly as possible.

Families don’t want long, drawn-out legal battles. Our divorce lawyers in Riverside, CA, have experience with cases like yours which means we can identify the fastest, most efficient way to get you the results you need. While we are seasoned trial lawyers, our Riverside divorce attorneys always look for a way to settle your case out of court—saving you time, stress, and resources.

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What Does a Divorce in Riverside Involve?

Divorce cases are some of California’s most commonly filed family court cases. The state does not require a married person to give a specific reason for filing for divorce, nor does the state recognize fault in most divorce cases. While it is possible to divorce “with cause,” citing a very specific reason or multiple reasons for the breakdown of the marriage, it is not necessary to file for divorce in California. Instead, most divorces are filed for “irreconcilable differences,” a blanket term used to indicate that a marriage has deteriorated past the point of reconciliation for both spouses.

Divorces in Riverside County involve more than just dissolving the marriage. There are numerous factors that are involved in a divorce, especially if it involves children, business, or significant assets. While many divorcing spouses are eager to complete their dissolution proceedings as swiftly as possible, the reality is that this often is not possible due to the complexities of their cases.

Divorce in Riverside can involve a number of the following factors:

  • Child Custody. Divorcing parents must resolve parental rights and responsibilities between themselves, which is likely to be one of the most contentious aspects of any divorce. The court has a responsibility to rule in favor of the best interests of the couple’s children, and custody may not be negotiated privately in California.
  • Child Support. Both a child’s parents are expected to financially support the child. When one parent assumes more parental responsibility than the other, the noncustodial parent will likely owe them monthly child support to account for their financial obligation. The amount paid each month and the time that support payments continue vary from case to case.
  • Fathers’ Rights. Many fathers feel inherently disadvantaged in the family court systems of the United States, especially when it comes to divorce and contested child custody. Our firm firmly supports fathers fighting for fair treatment in the family court system and can guide a divorcing father through his multifaceted divorce case.
  • Guardianship. Guardianship may be assigned to a minor with no close family to care for them. Guardianship determinations may unfold after the death of a child’s parents, and the family court has a legal responsibility to ensure the guardian is capable of meeting the child’s basic living needs.
  • Military Divorce. Divorce unfolds uniquely for members of the United States Armed Forces and their spouses. Therefore, military benefit determinations following a divorce can be very complex. You need a Riverside divorce attorney experienced with military divorce to handle this type of case on your behalf.
  • Spousal Support. Some divorces entail ongoing financial agreements between the spouses. When one spouse has been financially dependent on the other for a long time, or if they have medical conditions or other issues inhibiting them from earning an income on their own, spousal support may come into play in their divorce proceedings. The amount paid in spousal support and the time that payments continue depend on the income difference between the divorcing spouses and the length of time their marriage lasted.
  • Family Law Appeals. It is possible to appeal the decision of a family court judge in Riverside, CA. However, if you need changes to your standing family court order, you may not need to brace for a protracted and complex appeal. The modification system could enable you to secure the changes you need, and a Riverside divorce attorney can guide you through this process.

We use a results-oriented approach. Our Riverside divorce attorneys fight for the outcome you want most – contact us!

Property Division in California Divorces

California is one of nine states to use the community property rule for divorce. This means that all marital property is divided evenly between divorcing spouses in almost all cases. The property division process requires financial disclosure from both spouses. Therefore, each spouse must provide complete and accurate financial records, and the two spouses’ disclosure statements must align. In addition, the couple must resolve any discrepancies as they calculate their marital and respective property.

While the spouses can keep their separate property in divorce, marital property must be split equally. This may require selling certain assets and dividing the proceeds or assigning new sole ownership rights to previously jointly owned assets. Again, taking advantage of alternative dispute resolution like mediation can potentially help you reach more agreeable results than you could expect a family court judge to deliver.

Why You Need a Divorce Attorney in Riverside

No one should go through the divorce process without proper legal representation and support. Divorce is a complex legal process that involves extensive paperwork, negotiations, and court appearances. Only an experienced Riverside divorce lawyer can ensure that your best interests are protected every step of the way.

Best Riverside Divorce Lawyer

The attorneys at the Edgar & Dow focus on our client’s unique needs and goals for their divorce. No matter the underlying reason for the end of your marriage, the outcome of your divorce is sure to influence various aspects of your life, potentially for years to come. Your attorney should be able to accurately address the unique variables of your case and provide ongoing support throughout all stages of your divorce proceedings. No two divorce cases are exactly alike, so it is crucial to find an attorney capable of addressing the unique variables of your case. Our goal is to help you prepare for your divorce confidently and provide the ongoing counsel you need to reach a positive outcome.

Riverside Divorce Law FAQs

How Long Does A Divorce Usually Take?

The speed of your divorce in Riverside depends on many factors, including how long the served party takes to respond, whether or not there are contested issues such as custody or division of the marital property, busy court schedules, and more.

Simple, amicable divorces can sometimes be finalized in just a few months, whereas highly complex and contested divorce cases can take a year or longer. Your best option for determining how long your divorce might take is to discuss your situation with a Riverside divorce lawyer.

What Happens If a Parent Violates a Family Court Order?

If you are accountable to a lawful family court order, you must follow the terms and conditions of the order as closely as possible. Willful violation of a family court order can lead to contempt of court and possibly prosecution for more severe offenses. In addition, if you have any reason to believe another party has violated your standing family court order, you must speak to an experienced Riverside divorce attorney as soon as possible.

Is It Worth Hiring a Riverside, CA Divorce Attorney?

An experienced Riverside divorce attorney is an invaluable asset no matter what the details of your case involve. Your legal team will help you meet procedural obligations, such as court filing deadlines. In addition, they will prepare you for each stage of your proceedings and help you make informed decisions at pivotal points in your case. Ultimately, the cost of hiring reliable legal counsel is easily justified by the value they can add to the outcome of your divorce case.

What Happens If My Spouse Lies in Divorce Proceedings?

Honesty is crucial in all phases of your divorce proceedings. The consequences can be dire if a divorcing spouse attempts to conceal assets to shield them from property division or fails to disclose any material information they are legally required to divulge. Penalties for lying to the court can include contempt or even criminal prosecution. The at-fault party will also likely face liability for the other divorcing spouse’s legal fees.

At the Edgar & Dow, our firm has been dedicated solely to divorce and family law since 2004. This means that our Riverside divorce attorneys have more than 15 years of experience with divorce cases of all kinds. You can trust our team to fight for the best possible results in your divorce case – call (888) 251-9618 today!


Turn to a Team with Decades of Collective Experience in CA Divorce Law

Since our firm’s founding, we have made a name for ourselves as trusted representatives in divorce and family law. Divorce is a trying process, especially with children involved. At the Edgar & Dow, we do everything in our power to lessen the impact that divorce will have on our clients’ property, family, and personal standing.

Our caring lawyers have walked through this process numerous times with families in similar situations. While we never take a one-size-fits-all approach to any case, we have the experience necessary to capably guide you through the divorce process. By quickly and effectively working through your case, we can save you money, time, and stress.

Call our Riverside office at (888) 251-9618 for a complimentary consultation. Payment plans and financing options are available.

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Types of Divorce in California

While the end result of divorce is the same, the types of divorce can determine what sort of process it will be. The first type of divorce, uncontested divorce, occurs when both partners mutually agree on a divorce and how to handle property, money, and parenting. The second type of divorce, contested divorce, occurs when both partners disagree on one or more issues like finances, child custody, or more.

Handling All Aspects of Your Divorce

Our experienced team handles all aspects of divorce. We can help you work through sensitive topics like child support or child custody in a caring, professional manner.

We have effectively handled numerous cases involving the following:

With our legal guidance, you can expect a low-stress approach to your case that is professional, informative, and open. We can help you fill out all the proper paperwork so that you are not set back by unnecessary mistakes. Our attorneys work to get you fast, effective results!

Trust the Edgar & Dow to Protect Your Assets

As a firm that is solely devoted to family law, we strive to provide trusted services that positively impact the lives of those involved. Because many of our clients are facing complicated times, we professionally address their concerns, guide them through their legal options, and provide supportive services. With our help, you can trust that you will be well-cared for and that your case will be well-represented.

Don’t try to navigate the complexities of a divorce on your own. Let our attorneys provide you with experienced legal guidance!

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