How Does Child Custody Work When One Parent Moves Abroad?

How Does Child Custody Work When One Parent Moves Abroad?

July 26, 2019

Moving Out of Country with Child Custody

Child custody is one of the many complex issues parents have to discuss when going through a divorce. Custody issues can become even more challenging when one of the parents wants to move to another country. Can a parent move abroad with a child if there is a custody order in place?

If your former spouse wants to remove your child(ren) out of the United States without your consent, there are laws that protect you. Likewise, if you want to retain child custody while moving out of country, then there is a process you need to follow.

The Southern California child custody attorneys at Edgar & Dow have put together useful information about what happens if you or your ex wants to move abroad with your child.

How Do Courts Determine International Relationships Regarding Child Custody?

To determine if a parent is authorized to relocate their child to a foreign country, a U.S. court will come up with a solution with your child’s best interest in mind. They will consider various factors, similar to a regular child custody cases, to make a decision.

In most international move-away cases, state courts will consider the following:

  • How the cultural conditions and practices of the foreign country may affect the child
  • If there will be any potential visitation difficulties for the parent that remains in the U.S.
  • If there are jurisdiction issues that make the enforceability of the domestic custody and visitation orders a problem
  • Other specific factors relevant to the best interests of your child

Navigating international relocation with child custody can be extremely complex. For that reason, it is vital to contact an experienced child custody attorney for guidance. Having an attorney on your side will protect your parental rights and will guide you through the entire child custody process clearly and efficiently.

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