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Know the Most Common Physical Symptoms of Divorce

Know the Most Common Physical Symptoms of Divorce

September 18, 2017

Divorce comes with all kinds of changes. It typically requires people to move, adjust their budget and even see their children less. So it makes sense that divorce could also stress the body, not just the mind, creating physical symptoms. And when you’re pressed for time and money, visiting the doctor is not always a priority. It turns out it should be, because it’s not uncommon to start suffering from the following physical symptoms when you get a divorce.


For many people, it can be hard to sleep after divorce. After all, you’re stressed, which means you have higher cortisol levels that can make it harder to fall asleep. While it’s a common symptom right after any big change in your life, you shouldn’t ignore it. If your insomnia continues longer than a few weeks after the divorce, see a doctor to get treatment. It’s not healthy to constantly miss out on sleep.

Lowered Immunity

If you find yourself getting sick a lot after the divorce, it’s likely because your immune system has been suppressed due to stress. This means it probably feels like you get every cold that comes around. In addition, studies show that people who have gotten divorced have a slightly higher chance of getting cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and other conditions. So make sure you’re taking vitamins, getting immunizations, and generally taking other preventive steps to improve your health during this time.

Upset Stomach

Another stress-related and therefore divorce-induced symptom is an upset stomach. If you constantly have a knot in your stomach or feel nauseous quite frequently, it’s likely due to the divorce. This issue can be uncomfortable and can even lead to weight loss if you’re not eating much as a result, so be sure to see a doctor if it continues for months.

Weight Gain

While some people lose weight after divorce, others gain it. This is because the high levels of cortisol that come with stress can lead to excess abdominal fat. In addition, some people simply eat more when they’re stressed. If you’re susceptible to this physical symptom of divorce, make sure you keep an eye on what you’re eating, ensuring you don’t snack too much and start getting some exercise.

Back Problems

When you have a lot of stress in the body, you hold tension in your muscles. This can cause major muscle groups, such as those in your back, to ache. Getting regular massages or seeing a chiropractor may help with this painful divorce symptom.

Changes in Your Skin

Finally, you might notice your skin doesn’t look its best after your divorce. This is because the hormones associated with extra stress can cause acne to flare up. You might also get eczema, which can affect the skin all over your body, not just your face. Keeping your skin clean and using topical products can help prevent and treat skin issues after your divorce.

Need Divorce Help in Southern California?

As you can see, most physical symptoms of divorce are caused by stress. When you hire an experienced divorce lawyer, you can breathe a sigh of relief and let them handle your legal issues, which should reduce your stress during the divorce. If you’re looking for an attorney you can depend on, come to the Edgar & Dow today to schedule your initial appointment. We serve clients in RiversideAnaheimTemecula, and throughout San Bernardino and Southern California.


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