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If you wish to declare your marriage "null and void," divorce is not the correct option. Annulment of your marriage is also known as "termination of marriage." It is optional in certain cases. The Law Offices of H. William Edgar understand the unique circumstances that surround these types of cases. Our ability to provide strategic advocacy in challenging cases sets us apart. Let us become part of the resolution.

Why Would I Get an Annulment Instead of a Divorce?

With a marriage annulment, in the eyes of the law it's as if your marriage never existed. There are several scenarios in which this resolution is preferable for the parties involved.

An annulment is possible in cases where the following issues played a factor:

  • Bigamy - If one party finds that his / her spouse was already married
  • Fraud - If bigamy was involved or if one spouse only got married to pursue a green card / citizenship
  • Illegal - If a marriage was found to be between family members or if one or both parties are underage
  • Religious Reasons - If there are religious reasons behind one party wishing to obtain an annulment
  • Coercion - If the marriage was pressured, coerced, or forced
  • Inability to Consent - If the marriage occurred when one or both parties were unable to consent

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