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Can You Deny Visitation If Child Support Is Not Paid?

Can You Deny Visitation If Child Support Is Not Paid?

October 17, 2019

Family litigation is complex because it involves emotional distress and even disputes. One of the most common issues that occur between divorced partners is that they deny or are denied visitation when child support isn’t paid. Although some partners think that it’s permissible to deny visitation to the parent who isn’t paying child support, this is far from true. The Southern California child support attorneys at Edgar & Dow have put together details on denying visitation if child support isn’t paid.

Parental Rights in Southern California

A parent’s obligation to pay child support and their right to be involved in their child’s life are two separate issues. Therefore, a father’s custody and visitation rights are not dependent on whether a parent is paying child support to see their child. If a parent is unable or unwilling to pay for child support, the other parent cannot prevent them from seeing their child. Even if this case is taken to court, they won’t deny visitation for this reason. However, just because a parent can’t withhold visitation for not paying child support, the noncustodial parent cannot continue to refuse to pay child support.

Child Support Enforcement in Southern California

Failing to pay child support isn’t only a direct violation, but it also affects the child involved. Failing to pay child supports subjects the parent to severe penalties, including wage garnishment, interception of tax refunds, occupational licenses, property liens, and more. If you were denied visitation rights from the other parent, it is best to seek assistance from an attorney and the court.

Our Southern California Child Support Attorneys Are Here to Help!

At Edgar & Dow, we give our clients honest legal representation while upholding their rights and integrity. If you and your former partner are facing child custody or child support issues, our team is here to help you. We are determined to obtain a resolution for you as quickly as possible, helping you get your desired outcome. We are a team that is committed to guiding families across southern California with all types of family litigation.

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