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Jul 06

“Full Custody” & What That Means in a California Divorce

Many parents come into our law office with the request that they get “full custody” of their children in a divorce. In our…

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Apr 14

Parental Alienation in California: What It Is & How to Prove It

No parent wants to see their relationship with their children suddenly begin to dissolve—especially if it’s for no apparent reason. It may…

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Jan 13

Divorced Parents Find It Difficult to Resolve Problems in Isolation

For months of the pandemic, courts were closed, which left co-parents with difficult choices: would they have to mediate and resolve problems…

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Oct 01

Grandmother Retains Custody Despite Out-of-State Father’s Request

In this case, filed on August 7 but certified for publication on August 28, the Second District affirmed a Los Angeles County…

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Sep 24

Mother Granted Custody of Her Child After Year of Foster Care

In this case, the Fourth District affirmed an Orange County juvenile court’s order granting M’s section 388 petition returning three-year-old I.B. to…

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Jul 17

Can Grandparents Win Visitation Based on the Parent’s Custody?

In this partially-published opinion, in which Grandfather “was subject to a 2015 restraining order requiring him to have no contact with his…

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Feb 12

At What Age Can a Child Decide Which Parent to Live With?

If you’re divorcing and you have children, then you’re facing a challenging situation: which parent will your child or children live with? This is…

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Oct 17

Can You Deny Visitation If Child Support Is Not Paid?

Family litigation is complex because it involves emotional distress and even disputes. One of the most common issues that occur between divorced…

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Apr 24

How to Modify Visitation Orders in California

Once a judge makes a custody or visitation order, it is likely that parents will want to change their visitation orders. In…

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Dec 13

How Does Domestic Abuse Affect Child Custody?

If you have been accused or were a victim of domestic violence, there is a high chance that it will affect your child custody situation.…

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Sep 19

What is domestic violence? A series on Dr. Bradley’s sourcebook (part 8) Dynamics of the Abusive Relationship

Dynamics of the Abusive Relationship Just as it's impossible to make progress while working with sweeping generalization in any other area of…

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Sep 01

Recent ruling on domestic violence and restraining orders

Spousal Abuse In Fischer v Fischer. (March 18, 2018) In affirmance, First District holds wife did not intentionally or recklessly cause husband…

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Aug 30

Child Visitation

In Ed H. v. Ashley C. (August 24, 2017) In affirmance, Fourth District holds that great-grandparents lack standing to seek visitation with great-grandchildren…

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Sep 19

How to Keep Your Child Custody Arrangement Civil

When you have children and are facing divorce, a major milestone in the whole process is coming to an agreement regarding child custody.…

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Sep 13

Helping Children Through Socially Awkward Situations After Your Divorce

Divorce can lead to awkward social situations for adults, but it doesn't stop there. It can cause children to feel socially awkward,…

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May 18

Trial Topic this week: Where should we do the child custody exchange?

Many people going through a custody case in court are often considering where they should do the child custody exchange. One might think that…

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Nov 09

Helping Your Children Cope with a Disappointing Ex-Spouse

Joint custody following a divorce often results in painful frustration in both you and your child when the other spouse fails to…

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Oct 12

8 Ways to Improve Your Co-Parenting Situation

You and your now ex-spouse likely don’t get along and probably have not been getting along for quite some time now. It’s…

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Oct 08

How Children Understand Divorce

In Laura Broadwell’s Parents blog, entitled “Age-by-Age Guide to What Children Understand About Divorce,” she breaks down the normative behavioral patterns in children in…

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Oct 07

Tips to Make Joint Custody Work

Kate Bayless’s “9 Rules to Make Joint Child Custody Work” Kate Bayless’s article consults work from renowned clinical psychologists and researchers of…

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Mar 24

Hardship Deductions in California Child Support Cases

People think it is automatic – you have other children and so you get a hardship for those kids in calculating child support,…

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Mar 08

Pitbulls and Child Visitation Rights

I was once in the courtroom and saw a very reasonable judge make a very unreasonable ruling: “Until you get rid of…

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Nov 25

DCSS Has Attorneys…..Do You?

DCSS Has Attorneys Representing Them, So Should You! “It is quite simple….., you just input the numbers in a computer program and…

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Apr 15

I Want to Change Custody

Many times parents want to change primary custody of the children as opposed to modifying visitation. Statutory and case law makes changing custody much more difficult than…

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Mar 19

Attorney Jeremy Roark

The Edgar & Dow is proud and excited to announce that Attorney Jeremy Roark will take over the day to day operations of…

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Mar 01

What Is the UCCJEA?

The purpose of the UCCJEA is to allow states to determine which states has jurisdiction regarding custody and visitation and for the court to determine who…

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Jan 30

Can A Party Stop A Divorce?

If one party files for a dissolution of marriage, the other party can not stop it unless there is a mutual agreement for…

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