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Family law matters can be exceptionally difficult—especially when they involve children. Issues such a divorce, child custody, and child dependency. Yet, it might be unfair or impractical to expect a child to participate in a family law matter. If you’re facing a family law matter that involves children in California, you need the help of (888) 251-9618.

Our California family law firm helps with matters including:

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How a Southern California Juvenile Lawyer Can Help You

Family law matters can have lasting implication for children. Having help from a California family law attorney means gaining insight from a professional who is focused on protecting your interests and preserving your relationship with your children.

In California, judges are supposed to focus on two things when making a decision that involves a juvenile:

  • What’s in the best interest of the child or children.
  • The preference of a child if they’re of sufficient age and ability to reason.

Whether you need a minor’s counsel or representation during an important family law matter,Edgar & Dowis ready to help you and your family through every step of the process. We’re ready to help you present your side of the story to a family court or, if needed, request representation on behalf of your children.

What Is a Minor’s Counsel?

A minor’s counsel is legal representation appointed by a court and dedicated to determining what decision would be in the best interest of a child. They’re supposed to serve as a fact-finder who help make important and unbiased decisions, such as what living situation would be best for a child.

Minors are often impressionable or lack the decision-making skills required to make important life decisions. Because of this, they’re rarely allowed to participate in a case through testimony to a court or directly to a judge. Additionally, California courts operate with the assumption that parents might not always be able to act in the best interests of a child. Lawyers working as a minor’s counsel testify on behalf of their client and focus on presenting the facts of their situation.

When Are Minor’s Counsel Appointed in California?

A child might need an attorney if both parents are having a highly contested family law dispute. In other instances, minor’s counsel is important to protect the interests and safety of children.

California law calls for a minor’s counsel to be appointed when:

  • The issues of child custody and visitation are highly contested or delayed.
  • The issue is causing stress for children involved with the matter and resolving would be in their best interests.
  • A minor’s counsel would be able to reveal information that wouldn’t have been otherwise shown to the court.
  • The dispute involves allegations of physical, emotional, or sexual abuse or neglect of the child.
  • It appears that one or both parents are incapable of providing a stable, safe, and secure environment.

For example, a minor’s counsel might need to determine if living with one parent over the other is beneficial for a child’s well-being—especially when both parents are accusing the other of being unfit for custody.

In some instances, parents might have the best intentions for their children but might not be capable of caring for them because of addiction, illness, or other complications. A minor’s counsel will look for issues that might place a child in an unfavorable environment and inform the court of them.

During issues that involve Child Protective Services (CPS), a minor’s counsel will work to determine if one or both of the parents are capable of providing a safe and beneficial environment for a child.

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How Are Minor’s Counsel Used in Juvenile Law?

Family courts will rely on a minor’s counsel to act in the best interest of a child by researching the facts and making informed suggestions.

A minor’s counsel can collect information by:

  • Speaking to a child without either parent present
  • Interviewing people such as relatives, doctors, and therapists
  • Obtaining and investigating a child’s medical records
  • Examining a child’s academic history, including any disciplinary issues
  • Requesting mental and physical evaluations for a child

A lawyer working as a minor’s counsel should be focused on being unbiased, determining what’s best for a child, and relaying all information to a judge accurately.

Should I Request a Minor’s Counsel?

This depends on your situation. First, parents should note that they’re usually responsible for paying for the services of a minor’s counsel. If a case involves more than one child, it’s likely that each one will need a different lawyer to avoid a conflict of interest.

Second, it’s important to speak with your attorney to determine if requesting a minor’s counsel for your case is the right decision. A minor’s counsel is different from typical paid legal assistance because their job is to be as objective as possible. Depending on how their investigation turns out, a minor’s counsel might make suggestions that aren’t right for your family or child no matter how informed they believe their findings to be.

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