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There are few financial commitments as daunting as a divorce. It can be a costly process (especially if one spouse tries to drag matters out). Since 2004, the Edgar & Dow has been results-oriented for one reason: a fast and effective resolution to your case is often the most economical.

Even if a highly skilled Southern California divorce lawyer commands a high rate, it may be more valuable, less costly, and less stressful to retain them because they’ll use their experience to resolve your dispute as quickly and beneficially as possible. Experience affords our clients a great deal of rest, time, and savings.

Financing Your Divorce or Family Law Case

Regardless of what lawyer you choose, the divorce process is costly. To help make those costs an easier burden to bear, the Edgar & Dow offers payment plans, alternative fee arrangements, and financing to help make high-level legal representation affordable and cost-effective.

This gives our clients two benefits:

  • One, it makes the whole process less straining on their accounts. Our clients are often good people caught in the toughest situations of their lives-they’re making difficult decisions and sacrifices in order to resolve hard circumstances. We do not want your finances to be another reason your divorce is causing you stress. Payment plans makes finding a good lawyer feasible and less stressful.
  • Two, it allows our family lawyers to pursue your case to its most beneficial conclusion. If a client is beginning to feel the financial costs of their divorce, they may be tempted to shorten the process before a good solution can be negotiated. It turns a position of stability and strength into one of panic. Financing allows our attorneys to do their job without putting an undue financial burden on you.

For more information about how we can create a payment plan to make a legal resolution more cost-effective, call(888) 251-9618today. We can schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to help you determine your legal and financial options. We have offices conveniently located in Anaheim , Palm Desert , Riverside, and Temecula.

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