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Dec 30

Court Rules Husband Must Pay $60,000 in Child Support Arrears

This case involved the enforcement of a 2005 registration of a 2001 Minnesota court order for child support arrears. The Sixth District…

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Dec 02

Court Reverses Child Support Order that Penalized Mother for Interference

In this case, the Fourth District partially reversed a San Diego County Commissioner’s child support order that attributed a nonexistent timeshare percentage…

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Nov 25

Who has UCCJEA jurisdiction?

This issue often comes up. Which court will have jurisdiction to modify existing court orders. In this case, the 2nd district correctly determines…

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Oct 17

Can You Deny Visitation If Child Support Is Not Paid?

Family litigation is complex because it involves emotional distress and even disputes. One of the most common issues that occur between divorced…

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Apr 12

SSDI lump sum payments and child support

A Mother and Father were married in 2001; their daughter (C) was born in 2002. The couple separated in 2003 and began dissolution…

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Feb 20

How Do I Enforce a Child Support Order?

A child support order is a legal obligation, and there are serious penalties if the non-custodial parent fails to pay. If your…

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Nov 12

What is domestic violence? A look at the battered woman (Part 18)

The Battered Woman Unfortunately the unpredictability of the battered woman also manifests in what exactly causes her to leave. Many women leave…

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Oct 28

What makes a Person Abusive? (Part 15)

What makes a person abusive? Last time we brought up the idea that abusers are able to tap into multiple personalities and…

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Oct 23

What Makes a Person Abusive? (Part 14)

What makes a person abusive?      In addition to the study done by the two researchers which identified two main groups…

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Oct 12

What is domestic violence? A series on Dr. Bradley’s sourcebook (part 13) What Makes A Person Abusive?

What makes a person abusive?      As we have seen so far multiple factors play into a person becoming abusive, and…

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