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A divorce can represent one of life’s most challenging episodes, emotionally, financially, and even legally. From splitting up marital assets to determining child custody and child support arrangements, just about every aspect of a divorce is a potential source of stress and heightened emotion, and at a time in your life when what you need most is peace and healing. Engaging with a dedicated divorce attorney who is familiar with California law and the local Chino Hills, CA, courts is the most effective way to ensure you are well-equipped for the process to come. The residents of Chino Hills have come to trust the high-powered family lawyers at the Edgar & Dowwhen they need a steady hand to guide them through these life-changing events with professionalism and empathy.

It is natural to feel lost and confused when your marriage fails. For many people, your marriage is one of the key elements that you use to define yourself. So, when a marriage ends, you may feel untethered or dispirited. We are here to tell you that these feelings are only temporary roadblocks on your path to a bright and successful new future full of new opportunities and experiences. We’re here to help you bridge the gap from today’s lonely and uncertain feelings to the confidence and positive outlook that will come with successfully completing your Chino Hills divorce.

The talented and well-equipped divorce team at the Edgar & Dow can help guide you through this challenging time with a comprehensive range of top-tier divorce services, including:

  • Efficient and Effective Divorce Filings – The decision to end a marriage can wipe you out emotionally, leaving you feeling too deflated to go through all the technical requirements of actually ending your marriage in a court of law. Our seasoned attorneys can help take the weight off your shoulders because we focus on the legal intricacies of handling divorces in Chino Hills and the surrounding areas. We don’t merely help get your paperwork in order; we work diligently to protect your interests and rights from step one as you begin this transitional phase in your life and prepare to move on to a happier future.
  • Dividing Marital Assets – One of the most difficult parts of most divorces is dividing up all the property and financial instruments that the couple acquired during their marriage. The state of California follows specific guidelines when dividing marital property, and our firm can help oversee the process to ensure it is done fairly and properly and that your individually held property is not incorrectly brought into proceedings.
  • Child Custody Advocacy – We understand that the needs of minor children are often a major point of contention that can lurk at the heart of even the most amicable and collaborative divorces. Our team is dedicated to advocating for a solution that puts the child’s interests first while also giving voice to your concerns and wishes regarding your child’s future and asserting your rights as a parent.
  • Child Support Assistance – In the state of CA, child support is calculated using specific guidelines that take a broad range of factors into account to come up with a payment amount that, ideally, prevents the child from experiencing any degradation to the standard of living they became accustomed to during the marriage. Our firm can help ensure that these calculations are done fairly and are reflective of your financial realities, helping to foster a secure future for everyone involved.
  • Separation Agreements – If you’re not ready to fully divorce your spouse, you might be considering separation. In addition to our track record of courtroom success, our firm also shines in negotiations and mediation. We can help you and your ex come to a collaborative separation agreement regarding things like childcare, support payments, and the division of marital property.

Divorce is difficult, but with professional, reliable assistance from the divorce team at the Edgar & Dow, you can move forward into this new phase of your life with confidence. Many people mistakenly think that divorce is a routine legal formality that can be easily handled alone. The reality is that divorces can quickly become complex, contentious, and overwhelming, just like any other type of court case.

When you need to make the difficult decision to terminate a marriage, you want reliable, reputable legal help on your side, even if you initially believe the proceedings will be smooth and amicable. Even if you have a great friendship and co-parenting relationship with your former spouse, it only takes one dispute over property division, child support, or child custody to turn your quick and easy divorce into a complicated legal quagmire that calls for professional intervention. That’s where we come in.

At the Edgar & Dow, we offer comprehensive divorce strategies that spare no detail and account for all of the things that matter most:

  • Your Family – Just because you are getting divorced does not mean your family life is over. On the contrary, divorced parents sometimes have to put even more into their family connections to truly be there for their children after a divorce. We take the pressure of conducting your divorce off your shoulders so that you have the emotional bandwidth to do exactly that, and we also ensure that your child’s needs and well-being (as well as your rights as a parent) are front and center throughout all proceedings.
  • Your Finances – Dividing marital property in a divorce can quickly become a headache, and when a conniving ex tries to get their hands on your solely and individually held property, it makes matters even worse. We can help you fight to keep your individual property out of court and ensure that only legitimate martial property is subject to division.
  • Your Future – During this stressful and trying time, it’s easy to feel like your divorce represents something coming to an end. While this is true, it also represents a beautiful new beginning. We can guide you through the entire divorce process from end to end, ensuring that your family connections and financial resources are positioned for success and happiness on the other side.

Family Law FAQS

Q: How Much Do You Pay a Divorce Lawyer in California?

A: As with any other type of family lawyer, the cost of hiring a great divorce lawyer in Chino Hills, CA, is going to be quite different from case to case due to all sorts of variables. The market for legal services in your local area, the quality and reputation of your lawyer, and the complexity of your divorce will all play a role in the total cost. To get an accurate estimate for services, you will need to consult directly with a law firm.

Q: How Much Does It Cost to Get a Divorce in CA?

A: The total cost of a divorce can vary quite a bit from case to case, depending on how much time is spent in court, the quality of your legal counsel, and other factors. While it is true that some attorneys and law firms may offer flat rate fees for divorce services, these “one size fits all” divorce solutions are really only appropriate for the most simple and straightforward situations. The court filing fee for your initial divorce filing will be $435, but it’s important to remember that this is completely separate from any fees paid to your attorney for legal services.

Q: What if I Can’t Afford a Divorce Lawyer in California?

A: The resources available for individuals and families who are unable to afford legal services can vary quite a bit from place to place. If you need to file for divorce but are finding the filing fees and court costs to be prohibitive, please contact your local County Clerk to see what resources are available in your area.

Q: Is Everything Split 50/50 in a Divorce in California?

A: Essentially, yes, although this is something of an oversimplification. California is a “community property” state. This means that any asset or property obtained by the couple during the marriage is considered equally held community property. As such, property must be divided equally upon divorce. Due to things like appraisals and volatile assets, however, an “equal split” is not always as straightforward as it sounds. Note also that you have the right to keep your solely and individually held property (such as inheritances and property you obtained prior to the marriage) out of asset division proceedings.


Divorce is stressful and difficult for you and your family, but with top-notch legal assistance from the Edgar & Dow, you can see a better tomorrow just over the horizon. Our attention to detail and commitment to advocacy can help move your divorce to an amicable and fair outcome so you can focus on healing and moving forward. Contact us today for a no-hassle consultation with our empathetic and professional team.

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