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It’s a common misconception that when a couple divorces, the mother gains primary custody of their children. Sometimes, a court will favor the mother’s side more than the father’s, even if the mother shows signs of being unfit to be a parent. Fathers’ rights cases in Chino Hills can be aggressive and emotional. If you’re a father who feels you deserve more time with your children, you need an experienced Chino Hills fathers’ rights lawyer who can fight for your rights.

At the Edgar & Dow, we’ve worked alongside many fathers who felt they were treated unfairly by the legal system. We feel it’s necessary that fathers are treated respectfully and given a fair chance to plead their case in family law cases. Because of how complicated the legal system can be, it’s highly advised you ask a lawyer for their guidance so your rights remain intact.

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You could make the argument that the legal system is biased toward mothers. Even if this is true, however, it’s not appropriate or lawful. Some judges may award the mother most of the rights in child custody, child support, visitation schedule, and other cases. Children deserve to spend time with both parents unless a parent is proven to be unsafe or risky to live with. Fathers must speak with legal representation before going to court so they can have a strong defense and protect their rights.

Fathers play a pivotal role in their children’s development. In fact, throughout California, children who have a strong relationship with their fathers are less likely to:

  • Drop out of high school
  • Commit crimes and go to prison
  • Live in poverty
  • Have behavioral issues

It’s essential for fathers to play a large role in their children’s lives in order to protect their rights and future.


Some courts may not be fair when it comes to granting a father their custody rights. It’s crucial for fathers to fight against unfairness so their own rights are valued. Whether the father is unmarried, separated, or divorced, the law clearly outlines what the fathers’ rights are regarding their children.

As with mothers, fathers have the right to do the following:

  • File for modifications if their circumstances have changed after finalizing an agreement
  • Request changes if the other parent doesn’t follow through the custody or support guidelines
  • Determine their child’s religion, education, healthcare, and more
  • Raise children according to the custody and visitation agreements

It’s common for fathers to forget or not realize that they have rights they can enact. Some fathers believe the legal system is against them, and there are, unfortunately, cases where that may be true. Fathers who want the most for both themselves and their children should speak with legal assistance about this case.

It’s also important to note that unmarried fathers can also exercise their rights if paternity has been legally established. Should a father go through the legal process of establishing paternity of their child, he can then gain the fathers’ rights that a married father would have. The process of gaining and proving paternity can sometimes be complex, and should a dispute arise, the father should speak with a family lawyer immediately.

FAQS About Fathers Rights

Q: What Are a Fathers’ Parental Rights in California?

A: A fathers’ parental rights are the same as the mothers.’ A father is allowed to raise their children in their home, choose their religion and education, and make adjustments to prior custody agreements if necessary. California law states that both parents are equal custodians of their children, yet some judges throughout the state may be biased toward the mother.

Q: Will a Father Lose His Rights in California After Being Absent for a Certain Time?

A: A father must be absent for at least six months and make no effort to contact their children or use their fathers’ rights in order to lose his rights. In this case, the fathers’ parental rights will be fully terminated, giving rights to the mother or guardian. If the father has attempted to make contact but still loses his rights, he can speak with a lawyer about the situation and provide proof, potentially earning his rights back.

Q: How Much Does a Child Custody Lawyer Cost in California?

A: Because everyone’s case is unique, there is no set amount you’ll have to pay for legal representation. Generally speaking, you could spend as little as $3,000 or as much as $20,000 for a lawyer. Don’t hesitate to ask potential lawyers how much they’ll charge for their services. Some lawyers will go above and beyond with their efforts and charge a little more, so take time to consider your options before making a final call.

Q: What Rights Do Unmarried Fathers Have in California?

A: Unmarried fathers can only gain parental rights if paternity is officially established. If a father wants to make decisions on behalf of their children, he must go through the paternity process, which can take time. If he gains paternity, he can then exercise his fathers’ rights just as any other father can. However, if the biological mother is unfit to take care of their children, an unmarried father may gain rights without going through that process.


Fathers are an integral part of anyone’s life. They’re there to raise and support us when we need help, and if you’re a father who believes your rights are being violated, you don’t have to accept it. Instead, you can reach out to a qualified child support lawyer for assistance so they can prove you have the right to raise your children.

Our staff at the Edgar & Dow has worked with many different families for nearly two decades, and we know how important fathers’ rights are. We know how complicated the legal system in Chino Hills can be, which is why we use our knowledge and experience navigating the law to help fathers exercise their rights. If you’re a father and have any questions about your rights as a parent, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.

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