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If you are going through a divorce, you might be entitled to receive spousal support, or you may be required to pay it to your ex-spouse. Also commonly referred to as alimony, spousal support is a monetary payment that one person pays to their former spouse, typically as a result of a significant difference in income or circumstances. If you need help with any issues relating to spousal support in your divorce, contact a Chino Hills spousal support lawyer.

At the Edgar & Dow, we understand how stressful divorce can be. Whether you are trying to secure spousal support or you need a defense against the pursuit of payments, our California alimony attorneys can help. We appreciate that every person’s case is different, and we tailor our counsel to your unique situation so that we can help you fight for a positive outcome.


Every Chino Hills marriage is different. You might find yourself in a partnership in which you make less money than your spouse, you sacrifice career plans for your family, or vice-versa. No matter what situation you are in, if you and your spouse have different financial situations, spousal support might come into play in your divorce.

Spousal support refers to financial installments paid by one person to their former spouse. You can make these payments in different installments, based on your needs, including monthly or all at once. The length of time that your spousal support will be paid and the amount will depend on a lot of factors.


Since everyone’s split looks a bit different, spousal support can take many different forms, such as:

  • Temporary spousal support. You might find yourself paying or receiving temporary spousal support, which is usually granted to help your or your partner get financially situated on their own after the dissolution of the marriage.
  • Rehabilitative spousal support. This type of spousal support is also temporary and is granted with the stipulation that one person will receive the payments while they acquire relevant training, like education, that helps boost their financial situation.
  • Permanent support. Another type of spousal support is permanent spousal support — but it does not necessarily mean it is paid for life. Rather, it is an indefinite period of payment that can only cease if one of the spouses remarried, dies, or experiences a major change in circumstances that prompts a court order to end it. If you want to pursue ending a permanent spousal support order, your alimony lawyer can guide you through this process.


Spousal support is not the same amount or duration for everyone. When the court determines how much you will pay or receive, it takes into account a wide variety of factors from your financial situation and your personal life, including the following:

  • Your incomes. The court will closely look at your income as well as your spouse’s and determine if there is a significant gap. They will also look at the reasons for that gap, like if you or your partner had to stop working to care for the household or for your children.
  • Your personal information. The court will look at a lot of facts about your lives, like how old you and your partner each are, if one or both of you has a serious health condition, if either of you has any history of criminal activity like domestic violence, or if you endured any unique hardships relevant to the case at hand.
  • The length of your marriage. The court will also consider how long you were married when making decisions about how much spousal support will be paid and for how long. Usually, the longer you are married, the longer one party receives the spousal support. However, every case is different, and you should consult with your lawyer about the implications of your unique context.

Chino Hills Spousal Support FAQs

Q: How Is Spousal Support Determined in Chino Hills, California?

A: California takes many factors into account when deciding how to determine your spousal support. For instance, they consider how long you were married, if you have any major inequalities in your income, and if you have any unique circumstances like health conditions that require costly care. They then use this information to figure out an amount and duration of spousal support that is as fair as possible.

Q: How Many Years Do You Have to Be Married to Get Alimony in California?

A: If you live in California, there is no set amount of time that you have to be married to qualify for spousal support. However, if you were married for less than ten years, you might only get alimony payments for half of the duration of your marriage. This depends on your circumstances, though, and your lawyer would have more in-depth information tailored to your case.

Q: How Do I Reduce My Alimony Payment in California?

A: If you believe a significant change in circumstances justifies a reduction in your alimony payment, you should speak with a spousal support lawyer about your situation. Your Chino Hills family law attorney can help you provide evidence of your change, be it a reduction in your income, an increase in your former spouse’s income, or another major change.

Q: What Is the Rule of 65 in California Divorce?

A: If you are retired at the age of 65 or older, your income drastically changes. As a result of this rule, you are no longer required to financially support your spouse at the same amount that you were supporting them when you were working. If you are considering retiring or are in the process of retiring and are curious about the implications for your spousal support payments, an alimony attorney can help.


Spousal support can add another layer of stress to the already intense process of dissolving your marriage. You should not have to navigate this complex process all by yourself. If you need professional support or advice about child support, the Edgar & Dow is ready to learn more about your case and how we can support you. Contact us today to get started.

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