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Family law cases are among the most emotionally traumatic areas of the law.

The social, psychological, financial, and familial all come together into a complex and turbulent dispute—as attorneys, the most rewarding part of our job is helping families navigate difficult times with permanent and effective solutions that provide for their needs.

Our Anaheim office provides clients with 4 distinct benefits:

  • Results-Based Representation — We fight for the outcome you need.
  • Honest & Integrity — We’re hard-working realists; you’ll always get a straight answer from us.
  • Low-Risk & Low-Stress Solutions — We negotiate whenever possible to give you control.
  • Tailored Representation — Your issues will directly dictate the solutions we provide.

There’s no time that’s more difficult for individuals or families than facing an unfavorable judgment. A judge’s ruling can be unjust for any number of reasons—the evidence provided did not paint an accurate picture, the judgment is unfairly harsh, or the ruling does not reflect your family’s circumstances. Whatever the case, filing an appeal may be your only option, but you’ll need an experienced lawyer on your side.

Call (888) 251-9618 to schedule a free consultation. We’ll provide the honest counsel you need to decide whether to pursue an appeal against a previous ruling.

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Why You Need a Consultation with Our Attorneys

There are strict guidelines and deadlines for filing an appeal in California family court. Our extensive experience with appeals allows us to understand your situation and evaluate your case. Know that we are not looking to drag you into needless litigation for the sake of a bill—our clients depend on us for our integrity, so if you have a weak case or a better option elsewhere, we will tell you.

When considering if an appeal is worth your time, we consider the following factors:

  • The legal validity of the appeal
  • The benefit of the appeal vs. the cost
  • The need to respond to another party’s appeal
  • The possibility of appeal based on court rules

Our firm has decades of collective experience handling hundreds of family law cases. Our knowledge and experience are the foundation of our results-based approach—we fight for the outcome your family deserves. Whether that means building an appeal on your behalf or seeking an out-of-court solution to your problem, you can trust that our attorneys will fight for the most effective way to resolve your issue.

Schedule a free case consultation at our Anaheim office. You’ll always receive legal counsel directly from our attorneys—not from our paralegals. Call (888) 251-9618.

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Why Trust Our Firm With Your Case?

  • Tailored Approach

    We know every case is unique and always provide personalized counsel.

  • Low-Risk & Low-Stress

    We don’t drag our cases out, which saves you time, stress, and money.

  • Honesty & Integrity

    We deliver the straightforward, honest counsel you really need.

  • Results-Driven Counsel

    Our priority is to help you get the results your family deserves.

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