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Dec 05

3 Ways Social Security Helps Divorcees

If you're divorcing late in life, then one of the most important things you need to negotiate is how your spouse’s pension,…

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Dec 02

Can You Ignore Your Ex-Spouse’s Credit Card Debt?

You’re getting divorced, and the judge rules that the credit card debt that your spouse accrued belongs solely to them, so they’re…

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Dec 01

7 Signs You’re On The Verge Of An Emotional Affair

Are you having an affair? Does your spouse ask to see your cell phone? Look at your text messages or emails? Are…

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Nov 24

How to Keep Your Children from Blaming Themselves

Divorce is very emotional for the adults going through it, but it can be more confusing and emotional for the children. The parents…

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Nov 16

Considering the Decision to Stay or Leave after Infidelity

Infidelity seems to be one of those acts that are simply unforgivable in a marriage, and many imagine themselves promptly leaving after…

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Nov 15

Vicki Larson on the Neglect of Divorced Dads

In observance of Father’s Day, Vicki Larson’s 2103 blog in the Huffington Post delves into this unexplored sociological topic of men experiencing…

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Nov 14

5 Reasons Co-Parenting is Good for You & Your Kids

It’s easy to understand that you are not the biggest fan of your ex-spouse. This is probably at least a little bit…

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Nov 09

Helping Your Children Cope with a Disappointing Ex-Spouse

Joint custody following a divorce often results in painful frustration in both you and your child when the other spouse fails to…

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Nov 01

Unhappy Marriage vs. Happy Divorce: Effects on Children

Married parents quite often have to face the decision of whether or not to separate in terms of how it might affect…

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Oct 31

Can I Get Those Text Messages?

As a divorce lawyer, this is a common question that many clients will ask. Can I get access to my spouse’s phone…

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Oct 28

Why Don’t People Leave a Bad Marriage?

In Caroline Shannon’s divorce360 article, “Mental Health: Fear of the Unknown Keeps Many People in Bad Marriages,” she consults two experts in the areas…

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Oct 21

Do Your Kids Want to Live With Your Ex-Spouse?

Understanding Why and When Your Children Could Decide Our firm frequently is asked the question of when it is up to children…

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Oct 12

8 Ways to Improve Your Co-Parenting Situation

You and your now ex-spouse likely don’t get along and probably have not been getting along for quite some time now. It’s…

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Oct 11

Rights & Benefits of Divorced Spouses in the Military

Divorce between civilians is already a complex process, but military divorce brings a host of other concerns into play. As a family…

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Oct 10

Telling Your Children about Your Divorce

No matter how many times you run it through your head, planning what you are going to say, what you visualize likely…

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Oct 08

How Children Understand Divorce

In Laura Broadwell’s Parents blog, entitled “Age-by-Age Guide to What Children Understand About Divorce,” she breaks down the normative behavioral patterns in children in…

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Oct 07

Tips to Make Joint Custody Work

Kate Bayless’s “9 Rules to Make Joint Child Custody Work” Kate Bayless’s article consults work from renowned clinical psychologists and researchers of…

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Oct 05

Cohabitation and Spousal Support

Family Code, Section 4323 provides the legal authority about cohabitation and the spousal support obligation. The codes section states “Cohabitation with nonmarital…

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Oct 04

Child Custody Considerations for Members of the Military

Military divorce can result in difficult circumstances for service member parents. The demands of military life can make a regular visitation schedule…

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Sep 16

Why Some Alimony Rulings Are Hard to Predict for Clients

The one issue in family law where the judge has the most discretion is spousal support (aka alimony). This discretion, however, is…

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Sep 14

How Do Social Security Payments Received Get Applied to My Child Support Arrears?

The below story and example regards the marriage of Hall and Frencher. In 2003, a trial court ordered Bruce Frencher Sr. to pay…

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Sep 12

Did DCSS Properly Serve the Summons & Petition?

This was recently discussed by the court of appeal in Yolo County Department of Child Support Services vs. Myers. In May 1989,…

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Aug 25

Why You Should Go with Experience When it Comes to Counsel

"The court continued it yet again.” “Why?” “Not sure…I think they just wanted to give her one final chance.” “But you said…

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Aug 10

Are You Self-Employed? Choose Your Divorce Lawyer Carefully.

"The child support attorney did what?" I could not believe what I had heard. He had to repeat it. "She said ‘I…

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Aug 05

Lawmakers Have Made a Major Divorce Update

In 2015, the California Supreme Court, in Davis v. Davis, ruled that for the purposes of defining separation (which triggers when a debt…

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Aug 03

The Problem with Local Child Support Agencies

The local child support agencies (LCSAs) have groups on their behalf lobbying for laws to make their jobs easier. We cannot necessarily…

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Jul 28

Do I Really Need an Attorney?

Recently I heard something disturbing from a new client. While representing herself, she had gotten a bad custody ruling from a particular…

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Jul 06

Can I Opt Out Of California Property Division / Support Laws?

Questions regarding property division and support payments are often some of the most confusing issues faced in a divorce proceeding. California is a “community property” state—meaning…

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Jun 30

Passport Denial for Delinquent Child Support Obligors

One of the harshest enforcement actions the Department of Child Support Services is mandated to take against delinquent child support obligors is to report…

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Jun 21

How Could Bankruptcy Affect My Divorce?

Nothing complicates a divorce or family law proceeding like a bankruptcy filing. The bankruptcy can be filed by the obligor or the obligee. Regardless of…

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Mar 24

Hardship Deductions in California Child Support Cases

People think it is automatic – you have other children and so you get a hardship for those kids in calculating child support,…

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Mar 23

Offset for Social Security Benefits

IT’S NOT FAIR! John and Annette get married on March 12, 1994. During their marriage, both worked as attorneys-John worked in private…

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Mar 22

There Was No Court Reporter?

No Court Reporter Means No Meaningful Appellate Review A recent decision from California Court of Appeal (6th District) stated the oft-repeated rule…

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Mar 08

Pitbulls and Child Visitation Rights

I was once in the courtroom and saw a very reasonable judge make a very unreasonable ruling: “Until you get rid of…

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Feb 11

Marriage Presumption

What is the Marriage Presumption? What most people think is routine or normal, is not necessarily normal in the family law court. Incredible fact…

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Feb 11

Social Security and Child Support

Not All Social Security Benefits Are the Same. Family Code section 4058 broadly defines income “from whatever source derived.” And in its…

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Jan 08

POP Declaration and Your Options

You have been sued for paternity and child support by your local child support agency (LCSA). You get served with the paperwork, you recognize the woman…

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