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Establishing Paternity
Oct 28

What makes a Person Abusive? (Part 15)

What makes a person abusive? Last time we brought up the idea that abusers are able to tap into multiple personalities and…

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Sep 25

What is domestic violence? A series on Dr. Bradley’s sourcebook (part 9) The Cycle of Violence

The Cycle of Violence      The question that most people ask themselves when working with domestic violence is "why"? Our society…

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Sep 08

Reliability of Juvenile Witnessess

  Recently, I was discussing the holding in In Re I.C with our juvenile dependency attorney Nicole Anderson. Nicole has been practicing…

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Aug 30

Child Visitation

In Ed H. v. Ashley C. (August 24, 2017) In affirmance, Fourth District holds that great-grandparents lack standing to seek visitation with great-grandchildren…

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Sep 12

Did DCSS Properly Serve the Summons & Petition?

This was recently discussed by the court of appeal in Yolo County Department of Child Support Services vs. Myers. In May 1989,…

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Feb 11

Marriage Presumption

What is the Marriage Presumption? What most people think is routine or normal, is not necessarily normal in the family law court. Incredible fact…

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Jan 08

POP Declaration and Your Options

You have been sued for paternity and child support by your local child support agency (LCSA). You get served with the paperwork, you recognize the woman…

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Nov 25

DCSS Has Attorneys…..Do You?

DCSS Has Attorneys Representing Them, So Should You! “It is quite simple….., you just input the numbers in a computer program and…

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Apr 15

I Want to Change Custody

Many times parents want to change primary custody of the children as opposed to modifying visitation. Statutory and case law makes changing custody much more difficult than…

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Mar 19

Attorney Jeremy Roark

The Edgar & Dow is proud and excited to announce that Attorney Jeremy Roark will take over the day to day operations of…

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Mar 01

What Is the UCCJEA?

The purpose of the UCCJEA is to allow states to determine which states has jurisdiction regarding custody and visitation and for the court to determine who…

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Jan 30

Can A Party Stop A Divorce?

If one party files for a dissolution of marriage, the other party can not stop it unless there is a mutual agreement for…

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Sep 26

Establishing Paternity in California

If you have a child and were not married to the child’s mother, you will need to establish paternity to ensure your rights as…

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