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Mar 23

When Is Recording a Telephone Call an Invasion of Privacy?

California law is not always straightforward when it comes to telephone privacy rights. Talk to your lawyer about whether you or another…

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Mar 23

How Can I Rebut the Presumption of Detriment for Domestic Violence?

An individual in the middle of a divorce or custody battle should avoid an allegation of domestic violence. When a former partner has made…

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Mar 16

Divorce and Student Loans

Going through a divorce is tough on everyone involved - both spouses, any children, and even extended families and friends. Although some…

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Mar 15

What Factors Are Used to Determine Spousal Support?

When getting a divorce or legal separation, you should talk to a divorce lawyer about how you and your former partner will…

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Mar 15

Is the money that Native Americans get from the casino income for support purposes?

Complex questions about spousal and child support related to Native American gaming revenue or lotteries should be answered by a qualified California…

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Mar 08

What to Know About Restraining Orders During a Child Custody Case

Whether a former couple was married or not, child custody cases can cause just as much heartbreak and tension as any divorce proceeding. In fact, cases…

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Mar 07

Tax Implications of Divorce

Going through a divorce is never as simple as merely ending a relationship. From having to divide assets to finding the right…

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Mar 04

Can I Request a New Custody Order?

If you have a child custody agreement in place, can you request a new agreement? The short answer is yes, it is…

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Mar 01

3 Ways to Sabotage Your Own Divorce

Dealing with a divorce is often a difficult and emotional experience, but it's no time to let down your guard. A devious spouse can…

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