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Oct 31

Can I Get Those Text Messages?

As a divorce lawyer, this is a common question that many clients will ask. Can I get access to my spouse’s phone…

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Oct 28

Why Don’t People Leave a Bad Marriage?

In Caroline Shannon’s divorce360 article, “Mental Health: Fear of the Unknown Keeps Many People in Bad Marriages,” she consults two experts in the areas…

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Oct 21

Do Your Kids Want to Live With Your Ex-Spouse?

Understanding Why and When Your Children Could Decide Our firm frequently is asked the question of when it is up to children…

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Oct 12

8 Ways to Improve Your Co-Parenting Situation

You and your now ex-spouse likely don’t get along and probably have not been getting along for quite some time now. It’s…

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Oct 11

Rights & Benefits of Divorced Spouses in the Military

Divorce between civilians is already a complex process, but military divorce brings a host of other concerns into play. As a family…

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Oct 10

Telling Your Children about Your Divorce

No matter how many times you run it through your head, planning what you are going to say, what you visualize likely…

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Oct 08

How Children Understand Divorce

In Laura Broadwell’s Parents blog, entitled “Age-by-Age Guide to What Children Understand About Divorce,” she breaks down the normative behavioral patterns in children in…

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Oct 07

Tips to Make Joint Custody Work

Kate Bayless’s “9 Rules to Make Joint Child Custody Work” Kate Bayless’s article consults work from renowned clinical psychologists and researchers of…

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Oct 05

Cohabitation and Spousal Support

Family Code, Section 4323 provides the legal authority about cohabitation and the spousal support obligation. The codes section states “Cohabitation with nonmarital…

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Oct 04

Child Custody Considerations for Members of the Military

Military divorce can result in difficult circumstances for service member parents. The demands of military life can make a regular visitation schedule…

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