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Child Abuse
Jan 06

Amendment to Family Law Code Targets “Coercive Control”

On September 29, SB 1141 was chaptered. It does the following: 1) Provides that disturbing the peace of the other party includes…

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Sep 24

Mother Granted Custody of Her Child After Year of Foster Care

In this case, the Fourth District affirmed an Orange County juvenile court’s order granting M’s section 388 petition returning three-year-old I.B. to…

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Jul 15

About the Child Abuse Central Index

In many juvenile court matters, one of the tools that the CPS or DCFS will utilize is the Child Abuse Central Index.…

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Dec 13

How Does Domestic Abuse Affect Child Custody?

If you have been accused or were a victim of domestic violence, there is a high chance that it will affect your child custody situation.…

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Nov 12

What is domestic violence? A look at the battered woman (Part 18)

The Battered Woman Unfortunately the unpredictability of the battered woman also manifests in what exactly causes her to leave. Many women leave…

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Oct 28

What makes a Person Abusive? (Part 15)

What makes a person abusive? Last time we brought up the idea that abusers are able to tap into multiple personalities and…

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Oct 23

What Makes a Person Abusive? (Part 14)

What makes a person abusive?      In addition to the study done by the two researchers which identified two main groups…

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Oct 12

What is domestic violence? A series on Dr. Bradley’s sourcebook (part 13) What Makes A Person Abusive?

What makes a person abusive?      As we have seen so far multiple factors play into a person becoming abusive, and…

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Oct 10

What is domestic violence? A series on Dr. Bradley’s sourcebook (part 12) What makes a person abusive?

What makes a person abusive?      Although many abusers grow up in homes that are abusive, Dr. Bradley insists that coming…

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Oct 07

What is domestic violence? A series on Dr. Bradley’s sourcebook (part 11) What makes a person abusive?

What Makes A Person Abusive?      Dr. Bradley starts this chapter off by identifying what she and other experts have seen…

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Oct 04

What is domestic violence? A series on Dr. Bradley’s sourcebook (part 10) Learned Helplessness

   Another complex taking place within an abusive relationship is what Dr. Seligman, currently a Psychologist at the University of Pennsylvania, identified…

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Sep 25

What is domestic violence? A series on Dr. Bradley’s sourcebook (part 9) The Cycle of Violence

The Cycle of Violence      The question that most people ask themselves when working with domestic violence is "why"? Our society…

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Sep 08

Reliability of Juvenile Witnessess

  Recently, I was discussing the holding in In Re I.C with our juvenile dependency attorney Nicole Anderson. Nicole has been practicing…

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Aug 24

Child Support

In County of Orange v. Cole (August 15, 2017) In affirmance, Fourth District holds that sperm donor whose paternity cannot be established under…

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Aug 23

What is domestic violence? A series on Dr. Bradley’s sourcebook (part 7) The Psychology of Domestic Violence

The Psychology of Domestic Violence In this lengthy chapter, Bradley attempts to articulate the problem of domestic violence from a psychological standpoint,…

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Mar 01

3 Ways to Sabotage Your Own Divorce

Dealing with a divorce is often a difficult and emotional experience, but it's no time to let down your guard. A devious spouse can…

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Feb 24

Helping Kids Survive Divorce

Divorce is no fun for anyone, but it can be especially devastating for children. It doesn't have to be that way. Children…

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Nov 25

DCSS Has Attorneys…..Do You?

DCSS Has Attorneys Representing Them, So Should You! “It is quite simple….., you just input the numbers in a computer program and…

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Apr 15

I Want to Change Custody

Many times parents want to change primary custody of the children as opposed to modifying visitation. Statutory and case law makes changing custody much more difficult than…

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Mar 19

Attorney Jeremy Roark

The Law Offices of H. William Edgar is proud and excited to announce that Attorney Jeremy Roark will take over the day to…

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Mar 01

What Is the UCCJEA?

The purpose of the UCCJEA is to allow states to determine which states has jurisdiction regarding custody and visitation and for the court to determine who…

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Jan 30

Can A Party Stop A Divorce?

If one party files for a dissolution of marriage, the other party can not stop it unless there is a mutual agreement for…

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