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Nov 30

How to Prepare for Divorce: Organizing Information & Documents

The decision to divorce, and the process thereafter, is never easy. When you and your partner choose to divorce, the best way to…

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Oct 29

How to Prepare for Divorce: Building Your Support Team

No matter the reason behind it, divorce can be a harrowing process. Between the emotional distress, the legal mess, and the financial stress,…

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Sep 10

How Divorce Can Affect Your Business

Divorce can be challenging for any couple, no matter their circumstances. It can be particularly difficult if you own a business. Divorce…

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Aug 05

How to Prepare for Your Child Custody Hearing

Going to a child custody hearing can be unsettling and downright frightening. If this is your first experience with something of this…

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Jul 06

“Full Custody” & What That Means in a California Divorce

Many parents come into our law office with the request that they get “full custody” of their children in a divorce. In our…

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Jun 02

Divorce Under 30: Helpful Tips & Insight

It might seem unusual to be divorced before you hit the big 3-0, but you’re not alone. While it’s true that Americans…

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May 04

Southern CA Divorce: Who Gets What?

Who gets what? This is one of the most contested and complicated issues in any divorce. Whether you’re a typical working-class couple or have…

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Apr 14

Parental Alienation in California: What It Is & How to Prove It

No parent wants to see their relationship with their children suddenly begin to dissolve—especially if it’s for no apparent reason. It may…

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Mar 25

What Is The Average Length for a California Divorce?

How long will my divorce take? This is one of the most pressing questions for any person contemplating or currently going through a divorce.…

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Mar 02

Court Reverses Reimbursements Based on Separate Property Expenses

In this case, the Third District partially reversed a Sacramento County family court’s judgment. In this marital dissolution proceeding, Martha J. Nevai…

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Feb 23

Court Rules that Rejected Deed Made the Marital Home a Community Asset

In this case, the Fourth District affirmed a San Diego County family court’s determination that a wife had “rejected” an interspousal transfer…

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Feb 16

Court Reconsiders Mother’s Argument for Beneficial Parental Relationship

In this case, the Sixth District reversed and remanded a Monterey County juvenile court’s order after a 366.26 hearing “with directions that…

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Feb 09

Court Finds Forced Sale of House Unenforceable

In this quiet title action, the Second District affirmed a Los Angeles County trial court that held that a trust deed a…

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Feb 05

Is Alimony for Life? California’s Fabled “10-Year Rule”

When it comes to divorce and alimony requirements, it’s often difficult to tell fact from fiction. You’ll receive information and guidance from friends, family, and co-workers—even…

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Jan 22

Divorce During COVID: Are More Marriages Really Ending?

Divorce is on the rise. Marriages are crumbling. These are the messages some media reports delivered in the early months of the COVID-19…

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Jan 13

Divorced Parents Find It Difficult to Resolve Problems in Isolation

For months of the pandemic, courts were closed, which left co-parents with difficult choices: would they have to mediate and resolve problems…

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Jan 06

Amendment to Family Law Code Targets “Coercive Control”

On September 29, SB 1141 was chaptered. It does the following: 1) Provides that disturbing the peace of the other party includes…

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