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A guardian is someone other than the biological parent entrusted with the legal responsibility of caring for a child under 18.

In some cases, an individual other than a minor can have a guardian, but only if that individual is significantly unable to provide for himself or herself and unable to care for his or her own needs. A guardian is typically established upon the death of the minor’s biological parents, or in the case that the guardian believes the child is not adequately cared for by the child’s biological parents.

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Types of Guardians in Riverside, CA

In most cases, both guardianships are fulfilled by the same person. However, certain circumstances necessitate that the responsibilities of the two different guardianships fall between two different people.

  • Guardian of the Person
    This is the guardian who is court-appointed to care for the minor’s physical well-being.
  • Guardian of the Estate
    This is the guardian who is court-appointed to care for the minor’s financial affairs.

Establishing Guardianship in California

It takes several steps to become a guardian in California. To make sure that all the required paperwork is complete and that all of your bases are covered, it is advisable to enlist the legal help of a guardianship lawyer in Riverside.

This is a brief outline of establishing guardianship in California:

  • Guardianship paperwork must be filed
  • Notice of guardianship application must be given to certain parties (such as family members)
  • A court investigation must be conducted
  • A court hearing must be attended

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