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Answers to Your Questions About Alimony in Temecula, California

In some scenarios, spouses pursue financial support after a divorce in order to ensure their security. Your financial security is an important concern after a divorce.

In many marriages, one spouse sacrifices—in whole or part—his / her career potential in order to take care of the house and/or children. In a divorce, this spouse can suffer a financial disadvantage because of that sacrifice. Spousal support evens the playing field and ensures security for a spouse who currently has a lower income or lower earning potential.

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At the same time, if you are the “breadwinner” or primary earner in your home, you have rights, too—and those deserve to be protected. Our spousal support attorneys in Temecula can help ensure that you are not required to pay too much in alimony / spousal maintenance. We are experienced in these types of cases. We know how to assert your rights and your own financial stability. You have worked hard, and we can help protect the results of that hard work. Contact a Temecula spousal support lawyer at our office for more information.

We can help you with a variety of issues related to spousal support, including:

  • Duration of spousal support payments
  • Calculation of spousal support payments
  • Termination of spousal support payments
  • Modification of spousal support payments
  • Tax consequences of spousal support payments

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