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Nov 24

2024 What Proof Do You Need for a Restraining Order in California?

A restraining order can help protect you from other individuals who are threatening or harassing you. If you need to get a…

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Oct 17

Average Child Support Payment in California 2024

California is ranked as the second most expensive state for child support, second only to Hawaii. This is primarily due to the…

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Oct 14

California Child Support Laws

Determining Child Support in California When determining child support in California, the two primary factors the court will consider is the income of…

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Jun 04

What Are the 5 Stages of Divorce in California? 2024

Most everyone who goes through a divorce has never done it before. That unfamiliarity can make it difficult to wrap your head…

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May 07

2024 How Much Does a Divorce Lawyer Cost in California?

Choosing to divorce your spouse is a major decision that will affect every area of your life, especially your finances. The higher…

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Apr 05

California Common Law Marriage – Everything You Need to Know

Common Law Marriage in California 2024 Some couples prefer not to get married in a traditional way and instead act as if…

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Apr 04

2024 Domestic Partnership vs. Marriage in California- What Are the Differences?

Making the decision to commit your life to someone is an exciting and important decision. You are choosing to blend your life…

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Apr 04

California Legal Separation vs Divorce – What’s the Difference?

California couples looking to divorce or separate are likely already going through plenty of emotional and financial troubles. The couple may wish…

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