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Dec 20

How Long Does It Take to Get an Uncontested Divorce in California?

If you and your spouse are in the process of getting a divorce, but you want both want the process to be over…

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Nov 27

Common Reasons for a Pre-Trial Motion in a Divorce

There are many different steps to take while filing for divorce. Some of which may not be clear on how it will…

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Nov 25

Who has UCCJEA jurisdiction?

This issue often comes up. Which court will have jurisdiction to modify existing court orders. In this case, the 2nd district correctly determines…

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Nov 25

Can the court issue mutual restraining orders and family code section 6305

In this case, one party has filed a request for a restraining order. They other party did not file a request for…

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Nov 22

Hookers, Prostitutes, and Escorts. Oh My!

Sometimes, we have people come to the office and request an annulment. The length of marriage is not necessarily the primary factor.…

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Oct 17

Can You Deny Visitation If Child Support Is Not Paid?

Family litigation is complex because it involves emotional distress and even disputes. One of the most common issues that occur between divorced…

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Sep 13

Do I Still Have to Pay Child or Spousal Support If I Lose My Job?

When you got divorced, the court might have required you to pay spousal support. Paying spousal support is an enforceable court order that…

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Aug 26

Who Keeps the Pet During a Divorce?

For many people, their pets are considered a member of the family. Many couples have an inseparable relationship with their pets and…

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Jul 26

How Does Child Custody Work When One Parent Moves Abroad?

Moving Out of Country with Child Custody Child custody is one of the many complex issues parents have to discuss when going…

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Jun 22

Handling the Challenges of Child Custody During Back to School Season

Back to school is just around the corner, and for many parents, it means more child custody issues. Back to school season…

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May 17

How Long Can Spousal Support Payments Last in California?

California Spousal Support FAQ The purpose of spousal support in California is to help lesser-earning spouses maintain their standard of living during and after divorce.…

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Apr 24

How to Modify Visitation Orders in California

Once a judge makes a custody or visitation order, it is likely that parents will want to change their visitation orders. In…

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Apr 12

Best Interest of your Pet?

On National Pet Day, we take a peek into how California family law judges now try to look more to the best…

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Apr 12

Disclosure of Contents of a 730 Report Can be Dangerous

During her marriage to Louis Yeager, Anna Anka gave birth to their child, E.Y. They later separated and began divorce proceedings, in…

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Apr 12

SSDI lump sum payments and child support

A Mother and Father were married in 2001; their daughter (C) was born in 2002. The couple separated in 2003 and began dissolution…

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Mar 20

What Are the Requirements for a Summary Dissolution?

Divorce is an emotionally overwhelming process, which is no surprise that most couples would like the divorce process to end as soon…

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Feb 20

How Do I Enforce a Child Support Order?

A child support order is a legal obligation, and there are serious penalties if the non-custodial parent fails to pay. If your…

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Jan 22

What Are Automatic Temporary Restraining Orders?

An automatic, temporary restraining order (ATROs) is a specific type of restraining order that is issued in connection with divorce proceedings, legal…

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